Track and Field Coaching Tips

Athletes will have many technical problems, even at the elite level; the coach must pick one technical issue and work over and over to correct the issue. The coach should try several ways to explain the fault and various ways to correct the problems.

3 tips to help improve your coaching methods:

1. Work on one correction at a time, athletes have many technical faults, fix one at a time.

2. Start at the beginning of a skill or technique and move forward to correct issues.

3. Give your athletes coaching help right after each attempt and let them process the information before the next attempt.

Video sessions can also help if the athlete knows what to watch for. As a coach, you must teach an athlete what to watch when breaking down video. Youtube is a great source of information, but athletes need to know how to watch video and how it relates to the current technical goals directed by the coach.

The coach and athlete must be on the same page technically for maximum results.