Track and Field Nutrition

Track and field athletes have various nutritional needs depending on the requirement of the specific training regimen.  First, general principles of proper nutrition will be reviewed, followed by tips and considerations for different event groups in track and field.  Finally, sample food options that best fit the athletic lifestyle will be given.

Nutritional Guidelines For All Athletes

  • Eat every two-three hours
  • Eat protein and complex carbohydrates
  • Stay hydrated with water
  • Post work out nutrition with 30 minutes
  • Never skip a meal, always keep snack items with you

Proper Sports Nutrition Benefits

  • Optimize gains from training program
  • Enhance recovery between workouts and events
  • Achievement of ideal % body fat and weight
  • A reduced risk of injury and illness
  • Confidence in being well-prepared to face competition
  • Consistency in achieving high level competition performances

Joseph Maxwell, an All-American shot putter at the University of Tennesse recently published The Ultimate Supplement Guide for Track and Field, here is what Joseph recommends regarding supplements for track and field athletes:

Four Supplements for all Track and Field Events

#1 Multivitamin for overall health

#2 Melatonin for sleep

#3 Omega-3’s for injury management

#4 Protein powder for muscle recovery and growth

Read the complete article

Supplements and Supervision

All nutritional supplements should be taken with caution under the direction of the coach and trained medical professional. 

To prevent the use of illegal performance enhancing substances educational programs need to be implemented.