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Journaling Goals

Journaling Goals and ProgressEvery athlete should be expected to maintain a training journal. The more detailed, the better, especially with performance indicators such as how fast, how far, and how high. The performance indicators should directly relate to the athlete’s goals.  A simple rating system for sleep, nutrition, energy levels, and performance will provide some …

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Coaching Strategies

5 Scientifically Proven Coaching Strategies #1 Coaching Strategy: Fix the Cause Focusing on the cause of the technical fault and not the effects of the fault will improve problem-solving for both the coach and athlete. Start at the beginning of a complex skill to seek out the error until the problem is found. For example, if …

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Track and Field Nutrition Track and field athletes have various nutritional needs depending on the requirement of the specific training regimen.  First, general principles of proper nutrition will be reviewed, followed by tips and considerations for different event groups in track and field.  Finally, sample food options that best fit the athletic lifestyle will be given. Nutritional …

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Javelin Coaching Points

Approach Use checkmarks Gradual build up in speed Javelin Withdrawn Accelerate Create separation Keep the javelin behind the thrower Keep the left arm up and across Final Three Strides Drive the right knee up and across Actively plant the left leg underneath the body Keep the javelin back Set up a long left arm for …

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Coaching Education

Coaching integrates the principles that are based on teaching pedagogy, psychology, kinesiology, physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, plus other scientific and unscientific concepts, theories, and approaches to maximize athletic performance.  Effective coaching involves developing motor abilities, cognitive abilities, and psychological abilities to build the total athlete.  The science of coaching requires knowledge based on scientific facts …

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Bodyweight Circuits

Bodyweight Strength and Circuits Train on your own with continuous circuits with bodyweight exercises to encourage social distancing when working out. Bodyweight strength is the athlete’s ability to generate muscular force without resistance from outside sources. Bodyweight strength is the ability to overcome bodyweight resistance without external loading. Bodyweight training will improve muscle balance and …

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