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Discus Throw Coaching Tips

Back of the Discus Circle WIND UP ▸ Weight balance ▸ Rotation of the shoulders ▸ Discus height ▸ Left leg drop and drive SINGLE SUPPORT (LEFT LEG) ▸ Left knee drop ▸ Right leg pick up and sweep ▸ Left arm inside the knee ▸ Discus height Drive to the Middle NO SUPPORT ▸ …

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Glide Shot Put Practice

Glide Shot Put Practice Guide Scott Cappos USATF Level III Coach University of Nebraska This practice guide includes progressions that are recommended as the thrower learns the technique of the shot put and discus throw. Some drills might take longer (or shorter) to develop properly depending on the learning curve of the athlete. The coach should …

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Video Acceleration Drills for Speed

Sprint Training Acceleration Drills Dynamic Drills For Warm Up Acceleration march Acceleration skip Acceleration run Acceleration run build up Acceleration run sprint Acceleration build up Acceleration bounding Acceleration Drills and Training Sample Dynamic warm up variations 6 drills x20-30 meters each Sample Acceleration Training 1: Block starts at 90%+ 2×10 meters 2×20 meters 4×30 meters 3 …

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