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Abdominal Training

Looking for some good exercises to develop the abdominal strength. Check out this video from Coach Charlie Kern from York High School in Elmhurst, Illinois. The first exercise in the video are V-Up variations. V-Ups with medicine balls can help with strengthening the mid-section and can also be helpful for coordination in athletes at all …

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Shot Put Medicine Ball Throws with Video

  New video for teaching the glide shot put using a medicine ball 5 Medicine Ball Exercises for Glide ShotCrunch Drill90 degree jump pause and throwWalking glideGlide pause stand throwGlide throw

Push Up Variations for Strength

Push ups are a great way to develop upper body strength in all levels of athletes. The video by Charlie Kern of York High School in Illinois covers various push up positions to improve upper body strength.

Explosive Bounding Exercises

Explosive bounding exercises are a great way to add power and speed to an athletes program. Try using explosive exercises in the warm up, here is how to add speed and power into your routine. The Purpose of Warming Up  Warm up drills designed to increase body temperature, improve blood flow to the muscles, improve body …

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Warm Up Routines For Athletes

Sample exercises for proper warm up for athletes participating in explosive activities. Warm up activities demonstrated in the video: Active hamstring stretch Walking straight leg kick up Walking quad stretch Walking leg cradle Walking in-step stretch Walking single leg RDL Walking inchworm Why Warm Up For Exercises? Warm up drills designed to increase body temperature, …

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